ABOVE THE CLOUDS - uploaded 2007-03-31
Arcania may be one of the megacities to come. The skyscrapers will constantly reach through the clouds. Nature may shift to the roofs.
I don't think this is a bright future, but places like Manhattan tend to develop in that direction. Will be one setting for my story Dust of Dawn. Rendered in Carrara 5 Pro with Dystopia by Moebius.
YMENA AD DECRAN - uploaded 2006-10-01
Ymena ad Decran is a mercenary, coming from the Golden Empire. She is a mixture of beauty, strength and deadly skills. The golden tatoos refer to her family and rank.
Another render from Ymena, who will play a vital role in my rendercomic 'The Gem'. Added tatoos to her head texure and worked on the settings of the shaders. Rendered in Poser 6, slight postwork in Photoshop.
YOU WOULDN'T DARE - uploaded 2006-09-25
She's as deadly as beautiful. You wouldn't dare to mess with her...
This is a render of a character I'm working on for my 'rendercomic' The Gem. Rendered with Poser6. Slight postwork. Character is V3 modified with several morphpacks (SheFreak, NBS by Posermatic, MagicGT by Arduino). Texture is Camielle by Morris. Armour is freebie from Maveris and morphed to fit this character. Hair is Silky Long Hair from Quarker with texture by wenke. Claw Hall in the background is made by myself.