SUNFLOWER SUNSET - uploaded 2006-08-06
Another sunset from home. This one has more conventional colors, but I really liked this view with the sunflowers in the foreground.
Again done with the Nikon using the inbuilt flash to light up the sunflowers in front. Unfortunately this is only a tiny flash.
ROOTS - uploaded 2006-08-06
Wandering through the woods near Vienna can be a relaxing thing, especially on hot summer days. If you look around a bit you can find wonderful views of nature everywhere, like these roots.
Another image made with the 3MPixel Nikon.
SHEEP CLOUDS IN SUNSET - uploaded 2006-08-06
I am blessed with a great variety of sunsets where I live. I especially liked this one.
Again made with the Nikon camera. Although she has certain problems in difficult light situation this one worked out quite well.