ROAD TRAVEL - uploaded 2008-09-22
In ancient times the gypsies traveled from town to town. Some of them told about the future faith of people, but they never stayed long enough to verify it.
Carrara 6.2 Pro and HowieFarkes' country scene. V4.2, Mil Horse and the Boundless Travel wagon by Redhouse Studios.
TUSK OF NATURE - uploaded 2008-07-15
Is nature threatened by our civilisation, or can they live together in harmony? The future will show.
Rendered in Carrara 6 Pro using HowieFarkes' Secret Lake and Dystopia Block by Moebius87. Also used Ringo Monfort's real clouds and skies.
HOME IN THE WOODS - uploaded 2008-06-20
A cottage in the woods and a beautiful day means tranquility and peace for the soul.
Rendered in Carrara 6.2 Pro with Country Lane by HowieFarkes and a lot of plants by Lisa Buckalew. Additionally I used the cottage from Redhouse Studios and some items from Runtime DNA. My first render after a long break.