THE RIVER FLOWS - uploaded 2008-08-30
A river flowing through a wood. You can hear the wind in the trees and the water flowing over the stones. Let your mind wander.
Rendered in Carrara 6 Pro using HowieFarkes' Creek and V4.2. Also used the Elite Marie textures.
BATHING BEAUTY - uploaded 2008-07-29
A lake, a girl, alone in the woods. What could be more refreshing, than to take a bath?
Rendered in Carrara 6 Pro using HowieFarkes' Secret Lake and V4.2. Also used the Wet & Dry Sinhead textures, Wet Hair and the SSS by GKDantas
ANCIENT GARDEN - uploaded 2005-05-06
An acient garden with a pool. She tries to catch the last rays of the sun while playing in the still warm water. It has been a fine day in spring and she was glad that finally the sommer seems to come.
One of my first renders with Dragon Hall and originally called Eve's eve. Wanted to give a peaceful feeling to the scene. The slightly red glow of the sundown adds a bit tranquility to the scene. Rendered with Vue d'Esprit 4. Hair drawn in postwork.