Claw Hall V2 - A work in progress.
Over 2 years ago I started with a project called Dragon Hall. This was my first experience with Poser props and it worked quite well. Nevertheless I saw room for improvment and started to build Claw Hall, based on Poser figures. Thus I could apply MAT Files to change the parameters of the hall elements.
Finally I realized that Claw Hall was very flexible, but still complex to handle. I wanted something simple to use, but nevertheless useful. The hall should use the newest technology and shader options from Poser 6. So it was decided. Claw Hall V2 was the next logical step. Further advanced and also useable in Carrara, Vue and other programs.
To model the elements of Claw Hall V2 I used Cinema 4D 6 CE. I started with the columns, where I modeled a block and UV mapped it afterwards. I build the columns of similar blocks, but rotated each one before I put them together. I removed hidden polygons and added other elements, until the column was finished. As all parts were UV mapped separately, the whole column was now UV mapped.
As I needed columns with different sizes, I used the already mapped building blocks again to make larger columns. All blocks were carefully edge blended and welded, so that there should be no problem with displacement maps later on. I did some tests with the columns in Poser 4 until they looked the way I wanted.
to be continued...