S3D-Posemap, a poseable map
Welcome to this poseable map. A freebie for Poser4-6
After making the S3D-Map, I realized that Poser 5 and 6 will not render backfaces of facets. So I had to rework S3D-Map to make it really useable for Poser 5 and 6. Finally I made a completely new map. I remade the mesh and grouped it to make a poseable figure. I also made two layers of vertices with opposite normals, so that the map can be rendered on both sides.
After installing posing map in your runtime, you can load it from your Character Library in the S3D-Posemap directory. S3D-Posemap can easily be posed with limits to avoid extreme distortions. Several poses are provided to easily get a certain shape. Besides the poses in the pose directory, you find two MAT files that will help you to get a better feeling during posing your map by making it all white. Some additional morphs should help to get special shapes that cannot be achieved with posing alone easily. Hope you like it. To use it on MAC you need mac converter.
As you can see on the left image, the mesh is grouped into several bodyparts. The main part, is the center. Parts to the left are called left01 up to left08. The same applies to the parts on the right. Higher number parts (starting with left06a/b and right07a/b) are further divided to allow additional posing options. Because of limitations of Poser hierarchy the last parts left/right09 where combined with left/right08 and morphs are provided to move these last bits.
The joints are set in a way, that bending, twisting and side-side is as smooth as possible. The twist and side-side movement is limited to lower angles to avoid too much distortion of the mesh.
To ease posing in the beginning, I provided some pose files, to show what is possible. Additionally the !MAT All White file should help to make the map visible during posing. The default textures can afterwards be easily applied via !MAT Default pose.
The next pages will give a short description of the morphs and show some examples what shapes can be achieved.